Social Media: What’s Not To Like?

I’m sorry, but I think things are getting a bit out of hand. Our social credibility is on the line here.

Is there anything we can’t like in the world anymore?

Is getting our minimum engagement so important that a like button has to be added to everything on every online platform?

And won’t there be a point when a like is just so meaningless that we stop paying attention?

I hope so.

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We’re at a point now where people are liking or endorsing anything just to stay top of mind. I have a “friend” on Foursquare that likes every check-in of mine. Yes, every one.

Did you really like that I checked in at a taco place? What if I told you that my taco was lousy? Of course, maybe it would help if I stop checking at taco places. That’s just inviting a lazy like, right?

And don’t get me started about other online spamming techniques (also called drip marketing). I consistently see the most banal photos, images and overly repeated quotes getting way more likes than they deserve.

Now before you think of me as crass, I unerstand that the “like” is a form of social communication. A quick “ping” to say I saw you today online.

But is the like replacing communication in general? For example, if I like your post on Facebook, are we good for the week?

What do you think?

Regardless of what you think, here’s my challenge for us all. Are you open to a challenge?

For the rest of the month, let’s commit together to always combine a comment with a like. Let’s work together to stop the “undisciplined like”.

Sure, it will take some practice. You have a tough habit to break. And so do I.

I already got started today.

I’d rather have fewer likes on my posts and the same number of well written comments than a bunch of likes. I want to know what you really think.


And maybe this new practice will reduce the number of lazy additions to our Facebook feeds. Do we really need to see all this stuff?

And here’s another idea. Let’s ask the social media platforms to limit the number of pictures we can add. Maybe just on Fridays. Think they’ll cooperate?

Further still, how about we only get 100 likes per day (instead of the 1,000 we use) and then, for kicks, give us 10 “loves” which we’ll use carefully only with our BFFs.

Who’s with me?

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