Social Media Training Becoming Mandatory

Screen shot 2012 10 31 at 6.11.51 PM 300x202 Social Media Training Becoming MandatoryIt can be argued that the world is in a current state of online limbo. So many websites, social media platforms, and online resources are popping up – often times on a weekly basis – that it’s hard for users to know where to go, and where to accolade their computer time. This might mean burning hours online, or avoiding the net altogether; users have taken all types of approaches. But until enough time has passed to show what is truly worthwhile, (look to MySpace for inspiration) it’s hard to say what’s worth signing up for and what shouldn’t earn a second click.

What sites and/or platforms will make it, however, is not the only area under review. How companies are training their employees is also in a constant state of adjusting. Most recently, execs are making social media training a mandatory event – whether or not employees are online marketers. Under these guidelines employees of all ages learn the basics of Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, how to post, and more. Some companies have even opted for more complicated lessons, like using scheduling agents or tracking profile response numbers.

Will this prove helpful? Or are companies spending time and funds to train employees on a platform they might not ever use (other than personally)? After all, how many janitors are trained in sales and vice versa? Social media has seemed to defy logic and becoming a necessity across the board. (Although many companies claim that the training is to avoid employees posting inappropriate content.)

These issues, along with countless others, remain to be answered. But what this step does show is that social media is growing in importance and reach. Not many years ago it was just another tool in the arsenal of unused items – and now its use is becoming a forced event.

I’m betting Mark Zuckerberg couldn’t be happier.

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