Social Media ROI Not As Mysterious As You Think: 8 Ways To Measure It

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  • This article conflates ROI with goals. ROI is an objective, financial measure. Whilst the 7 vehicles for value creation mentioned all might create ROI, you must be able to measure:

    1. Their monetary value
    2. Your social media programs’ contribution to them

    The reader would have been better served with an analysis of these points.

    • Hi Rich,
      Thanks for your feedback, I think you have some very valuable points. I will definitely take your thoughts into consideration, it seems like it would provide a great topic for a follow up article.
      – Lindsey

  • I’m surprised, given the article’s title, that there’s not a single actual ROI measurement. There are metrics that social media might move, but I would expect to see how one then measures the impact on revenue and/or expense vs the cost of the social media activity. That’s ROI. sorry if I’m offending you, but this was really disappointing.

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