Social Media ROI: 5 Things You Must Remember

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  • Claudine says:

    For social media ROI inference as well as how much social weight are my campaigns are making, I use GNIP and Klout. GNIP for statistical analysts and formulating / determining KPI. While Klout is for determining influence as per my brand ambassadors in platforms like linkedin and Google+.

  • Shilpi Roy says:

    What excites me about social media for business is that the contacts, conversations, sharings, stories and relationship building can mean conversion to active partnerships, sales, and business growth as well as a way to establish community and creditibility.

  • Darren says:

    Great article! ROI is very important – and often neglected by companies. I would, however like to question the “B2B” comment as it is also crticial that it is used for B2B, especially selling to small businesses.

  • Warren says:

    Measurement for myself was difficult because the tools were changing so rapidly around Social Media. I tend to monitor and track the usuals, growth rate, fans/followers, engagement, traffic derived from certain profiles (Twitter/Facebook/Linkedin etc.) and for a brief time Klout score.

  • Great article. A lot of businesses forget to “communicate” in Social Media and use as a broadcast tool. It’s a two way street folks :)

  • You invest a lot of time to your social media marketing. And we all know that in business when we invest, we expect in return. And it is important to monitor and calculate your social media ROI.

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