Social Media Mistakes You May Be Making

Are you trying to grow you business through social media?  Social media is a very effective way to widen your influence and get the word out.  There may be some mistakes though, that are getting in the way of a successful social media interaction.

Social media marketing is not the same as other traditional marketing methods.  Social media is a two-lane road that requires interaction.

You should use social media to build an audience, be social, and be personal.  Make sure you are doing at least these three things; if you do, you will be able to avoid the most common social media mistakes.

Here are some tips for optimizing your social networking experience.

Not Connecting With the Right People

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Building a social media audience takes time and is a gradual process.  Don’t give up right away if your numbers are small.  Instead, value the numbers and people that you do have.  Overtime, your numbers will grow.  Determine who you target audience is or who they should be.  Don’t waste your precious time and energy trying to engage people who have no interest in or need for your business.  Find the right crowd and be patient.

Not Being Social

If you do not want to interact with people, why bother going the social media route?  Commit yourself to be engaging and personal – it’s the only way your social media efforts will be successful.  If you can’t do this because of time or talents, hire someone else who will be able to get people aboard and excited about your business.  Your approach should be to create excitement and enthusiasm.

Not Being Personal

Social media is supposed to be enjoyable.  If you are not excited about what your business is about and what you have to offer, how do you expect your audience to respond?  Find a target audience and be patient as you build your numbers.  Be personal and interactive.  Use social media to get your audience excited about what you are doing.

Remember that social media is not a one-way route, but rather it is about communication and interaction.  By changing your outlook, you will be able avoid some of the common social media business pitfalls.

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