Social Media Metrics – 9 Calculations To Tell If Your Twitter and Facebook Marketing Suck

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  • I love the calculations. Reminds me of the dotcom “eyeballs” metrics. None of them are real metrics, and none of them measure anything.

    For social media to add value, it has to prove it adds value (ie: drives revenue growth). These metrics do nothing to advance SM as anything more than a dog toy.

  • Nice, Carl.

    You completely miss the point that social media needs to do a few things in the selling supply chain.

    You are completely wrong that for social to add value only (directly, I assume) through revenue growth. It has to impact it, which it does in early-funnel.

    The days of direct-response marketing are gone, Carl.

    Do you feel the same way about tv advertising?

    Social’s sweet spot is to impact early-funnel activity, which can be tied to sales activity; driving awareness, engagement and then handing off to the other revenue-related heavy-lifting.

    Squeak, squeak.

  • Thank you Gary, this article was very insightful and informative for me to get an idea of what’s happening at a high level. This will prompt some meaningful conversations with my team as we drill down to understand our trends more closely.

  • Social media is a deep ocean. Unless you adopt a very own format of conversation that distinguishes you from others, you cannot get success. Different format of voice, commenting on the things happening around the world to get feedback along with your own content rich and well designed website based on good products will certainly make you success. Many many thanks for this nice and informative article.

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