Social Media Marketing Strategy In 2012: How To Stay On Top

social mediaLast month, Burson-Marsteller released their annual Global Social Media Check-Up. The study looks into social media adaptation of the Fortune Global 100 and acts as a guideline for social media marketing strategy. By understanding what the 100 largest global companies are doing on social media we can see what areas all businesses need to focus on in order to compete.

This year’s study provides a number of interesting results, and some clear trends have come through. So let’s look at the key results and what that means for social media marketing strategy.

Tweets on top

One of the key insights to come out of the study was the level of interaction on twitter compared to other social media. The top global companies were mentioned over 10million times in one month, more than half of this interaction was on Twitter. Twitter has always been the most immediate of social engagement platforms.

The simplicity of 140 character tweets makes it the ideal place for companies and customers to discuss topics of the day. A single tweet can set off plenty of interaction. So it’s understandable that Twitter would be the place where most people talk. But more than 50% of the interaction, in a market that contains 5 big players, is a huge portion. Twitter is designed in a way that encourages interaction and these results show that a focus on Twitter is a requirement in every social media marketing strategy.

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Video on the Grow

Another interesting insight was the growth in video usage by fortune 100 companies. YouTube is a platform that is often forgotten in social media marketing strategy, but it’s becoming more and more important for the bigger companies. The study found that 79% of Fortune 100 companies have branded YouTube account, that’s 50% more than last year.

Companies have often cited a lack of interest as the reason they don’t include YouTube in their social media marketing strategy. The common mistake was to assume YouTube was just for amusing little videos of cats playing piano. But this study shows that corporate YouTube channels average over 2 million views, which demonstrates that there is plenty of interest. And as video content production by big companies grows, it will become more and more relevant.

You Need to be on All Platforms

One of the basics of social media marketing strategy is that you need as much presence as possible. And this study rams home that idea. It shows that large companies waste no time in adapting to new social media platforms. The study shows that 48% of the companies have Google+ accounts. That’s an impressive figure, especially when you consider that business pages were only launched 4 months before the survey. It also shows that 25% had Pinterest accounts in February. A large group considering Pinterest is a relatively niche market. The key lesson for social media marketing strategy is to ensure you stay up to date with emerging trends, because if you’re not you could be left behind.

Overall, the study clearly indicates a huge social media push by all of the biggest companies in the world. The fact that they are using so many channels to engage with their market, and that those channels are expanding, demonstrates that social media is becoming more and more central to all marketing strategy.

Social media has been a great leveler for smaller companies. Because it allows direct interaction with customers, smaller companies have been able to use it to match their rivals at a fairly low cost. These trends demonstrate a big push by the larger companies, so it’s important that small companies stay on top of their social media marketing strategy. Or get left behind.

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