Social Media Marketing Strategies: How To Keep Your Content Fresh

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  • This article is spot on! I am going to make it required reading for our team and clients. Thanks for sharing your brilliance.

  • apply FUFISM and your content will always be fresh, as the rest of your team will be adding to your work and keeping it fresh, with the latest in house news…

    Be sure to include your whole team, and make sure that your administration staff are ready to accept calls, and have all the latest info about your promotions before you start. Your campaign may just go viral, or have a sudden short lived impact on your local community and leave your staff in a very difficult predicament when they have no clue as to what is going down, but your customer base is just responding to your social media posts……

    Not sure what fufism is? Google it and become informed…

  • Excellent article on Social Media Management, wish everyone who uses Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ applied this more instead of just spamming.
    One little thing I would add it for all networks is to follow back, add into circles and like others pages back. After all you want them to buy your products, so what harm is there in a small guesture to help them.

  • Coming up with new, interesting ideas is one of the major stumbling blocks most of my clients experience when creating their own content – thankfully helpful advice, I’ll be distributing it to them post-haste!

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