Social Media Marketing Is Changing The Way We Do Business

Social Media MarketingA recent survey indicates that more than 60 percent of Fortune 500 companies use some form of social media marketing. Even though small and large companies realize the need for a social media strategy, most don’t fully understand the benefits of social media. Let’s take a look at some of the ways social media marketing is changing the way we conduct business:

Social Media Is Changing The Traditional Web Presence

The traditional techniques of Internet marketing and lead generation involves driving traffic to a business website. As search engine algorithms evolve, website owners must stay on their toes to make sure their website is constantly updated with relevant and current information to prevent being devalued in search results. Today, social media like, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts, and YouTube channels are being seen as sites in their own right.

Social Media Allows Businesses To Crowd-source Ideas

Before you launch a new product or service, would you like to have some ideas about what people think about it? Well, by engaging with prospects and customers via social media, you can. You can actually ask your fans and followers what colors they prefer or what types of features they want. Not only can you involve consumers in valuable free market research, but by asking their opinions you can help establish credibility by showing that their opinions matter. When they see their ideas become a reality, you more than likely have just increased your customer base.

Social Media Allows You To Keep An Eye On Competition

Businesses are changing marketing strategies based on information they find in social media feeds from their competitors. Now think about that for a moment. By keeping an eye on competitors, you can determine the strengths and the weaknesses of their marketing efforts. You can use this information to implement things you just might need to improve such as email campaigns, contests, giveaways or types of content their followers may be responding to the most.

Social Media Allows Your Business To Be More Transparent

The process of taking a prospect to the point of becoming a customer has slowed down somewhat due to consumers’ awareness. People want to buy from those companies who have established credibility and who seem to be totally transparent in their advertising campaigns. Social media is changing peoples’ opinions of businesses. By providing messages that are open, transparent, and helpful, social audiences will learn that your business cares about its customers and potential customers. You can position your company as a valuable resource by simply sharing information like advice, tips, or just answering questions about your industry.

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Marketing strategies are beginning to include social media as a valuable tool to connect with a vast pool of potential customers in ways that encourage people to share information in a conversational manner. Although marketers have traditionally focused all of their energies in ensuring the best placement in major search engines, could it be possible that over time people will start to see social sites as the main source of all their information?

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