Social Media Marketing for Restaurants: 21 Tips

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  • I think that these are all really great strategies, good job with this! But you forgot to mention one other popular social media sites to promote restaurants, and that’s Pinterest. I think that there couldn’t be a better way to show off all of your food items by pinning them on Pinterest. People go on there all of the time to look up food recipes, so why not show off some of the food that your establishment offers. Pin your food items to relevant boards, use hashtags, and your restaurant should get some more business in no time!

  • Sarah Mordis says:

    Great suggestions and examples of easy to implement tactics to increase the restaurant’s social engagement. It’s not always about photos of the food, but rather tactfully posting it (adding hashtags, featuring the image prominently) so your fans will actually see it and be enticed to come in and eat!

  • Jacob says:

    Oh this is amazing piece of advice and strategy Krista!

    Michael – Pinterest is amazing medium to get proper exposure.
    Good pictures with proper filters can create a finger licking profile easy.

    Recently I was advising my customer on promotion and good idea in my opinion was creating forum thread in local community with guides to how to create food. Some people were way to busy to cook themselves so they were visiting the restaurant to eat the food wonders.

  • This is just another big load of crap written and commented on by people who have never built or operated a successful restaurant in their lives. Not a single mention of the guest. Not a single mention of the guest experience. Not even a single mention of the most critical social platform for restaurants – the dining room.

    These kinds of articles are what you get when you get desperate for content and need to rally the troops to keep them invigorated because what they’re doing doesn’t deliver results.

    This is nothing more than the same bolted on, ‘same for every product’ approach that doesn’t do anything more than waste your time in reading it.  Eating out every night doesn’t make you an expert on restaurants, it makes you a diner. Frankly, you should stick to just paying the check and leave the marketing to people who know what they’re talking about because they’ve actually done it successfully.

  • star says:

    LOL @ Jeffrey. Do you have some other links? The Facebook stuff was good on here but we do not have a dedicated Social Media person so most of this will never get done.

  • J P says:

    Also rofl @ Jeffery, it gets funnier when you click on his site & FB. Such a little man, I feel sorry for him. Anyway, great article, I have been using FB, very successfully, for about a year now, and have been planning to expand my work there to take better advantage of my presence. These tips offer a great direction in which to move forward, and plenty to think about for future moves. I’ve saved the page for reference. Thanks for the great work!!

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