Social Media Marketing: For Commerce or Community?

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  • Hey Tom!

    Thanks for the post.

    Totally agree with your premise that the social networks are not a place for the hard sell – or selling an old jalopy at a kid’s birthday!?!?

    To use your analogy, though, I’d argue that social media is indeed much more like a shopping mall than a playground.

    People go to malls for much more than the direct sale experience. They go to gather and wander and explore. They go to see what everyone else is wearing and buying. They go to contrast and compare. They go to interact with brands, products and people.

    All of this, in my mind, proves the value of social networks in driving commerce.



  • True Trent! Sometimes in my case the shopping mall is the playground (for those rainy days). The kids (both preschoolers) already know that: Lego Store > Apple Store > Build-a-Bear > Everything else combined.

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