Social Media Marketing: Don’t Take My Word For It, Take Richard Branson’s

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  • I can’t believe that so few successful CEOs are taking advantage of the lucrative platform that is social media. We use it a lot, and recommend ways of utilising it to our franchisor clients as well.

  • Dear proponents of the fantastic virtues of Social Media Marketing. Thank you for the prompts to engage in SMM to enrich your little companies set up especially for our benefit, we are ever so thankful. We cannot wait to spend all our marketing dollars on this extremely valuable channel, and we all believe that Sir Branson takes 10 minutes every day to answer the enquiries about refunds, stupid posts, silly suggestions and idiotic requests posted by his several million followers across all of his 100 businesses. We are running to our CEO’s, who have nothing more important to worry about right now, to tell them to also take 10 minutes per day, and answer all those nice “customer facing” questions and start engaging in SMM right away!

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