Social Media Marketing: 5 Predictions for 2012

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  • Ken says:

    Thanks for the predictions so much, could you please give me an easy example for the last point where firm need to step back and customers do the rest.

  • Ken, what I mean in point 5, about letting customers take over is really ubiquitous in social media. In fact, you see this before there was social media in the form of fan clubs. Look at the HOGs (Harley Owners Group). They’re self-organized and create a huge advantage for Harley by spreading the cult of Harley that encourages ownership. They organize events that build community and further spread the cult. They do charitable acts, which creates the image of Harley as a good community member.

    And, all Harley has to do is support these owners and reward their efforts to continue getting this benefit.

  • Thanks for this. How do you see the role of Video in the social media mix. We have had a lot of success with customer testimonial video. It is cheap to make and is honest and credible

  • I think video will continue to be important in social media, but I don’t see a major change for 2012, that’s why it’s not in my predictions.

  • How do you see analytics/ROI measuring for SM evolving, Angela?

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