Social Media Help For Your 2013 Budget

Social media is becoming more important day by day for businesses online. Even the leading business brands prepare a competitive budget to fight the competition and stay ahead. At the same time, it has become a difficult task to fight with the competitors on the global platform. There are literally hundreds of social media websites that can help you rank well and establish your business. Here, you will explore more about the social media companies, and reliable social media marketing services that can help you stay ahead of the competition.

Factors you must consider while preparing a budget for social media marketing in 2013

First, you have to invest on preparing a complete strategy for marketing your websites. Internet marketing companies follow few basic steps to brand a business online using the leading social media websites. Let’s explore the major steps and the expected budget an entrepreneur must consider.

#1 preparing the social media strategy

This refers to the most important part of social media marketing. You have to hire a social media marketing expert to get things done professionally. The expected budget is somewhere between 5K and 10K. During this phase, the SMM experts or the social media marketing services providers will conduct research for about a month and prepare a strategy to outweigh the competition.

#2 preparing and optimizing the social profiles

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In this stage, you have to concentrate on creating profiles for your business company on the leading social platforms. You have to list the targeted platforms according to the strategy prepared earlier and create profiles. Once creating the profiles, you have to optimize them and prepare for business branding online. You have to arrange a fund of $1000 approximately.

#3 content development for social media platforms

This is a very important part of social media marketing for an online business company. You have to concentrate on preparing high quality content that attracts the readers and followers. These contents published on the social media platform bring potential customers and enhance sales potentially. Developing high quality, interactive content can be expensive; so you have to make a budget of $2000 per month.

#4 running and managing the social media campaign

If you fail to run and manage the media campaigns properly, all your efforts will simply go in vein. You have to hire a social media marketing company or even an individual marketing contractor to help you. If you’re willing to launch a big-budget commercial venture online, you can also build your own in-house team to run and manage the campaign for you. You might need to spend $5000 per month (maximum) to take necessary actions.

#5 monitoring the progresses on the social media platform

It’s important to monitor and review the progresses you’ve made in the past few months. So, you have to concentrate on monitoring the activities and analyze the responses from your fans and followers. Try to spend somewhere between $500 and $1000 on the monitoring cell. This will help your social media marketing strategy stay on track and resolve any issue if necessary.

Facts you must explore to handle social media marketing effectively for your online business in 2013

* 90 percent of the internet businesses use the social media platforms for branding, SEO and content marketing.

* There are about 51 social media networks that are invariably used by the internet marketing companies. Among them the top 10 websites cover 70 percent of the total traffic driven from the social media websites.

* Successful social media entrepreneurs think beyond Facebook and Twitter. They equally consider few other successful platforms that are capable of driving immense traffic to your website and enhance sales. Google Plus, YouTube, LinkedIn, Digg, Pinterest, Slideshare are some amazing platforms that can drive a lot of traffic.

* Building an official blog has become extremely important for a business online these days. The leading marketers often say that an official blog of your website is 70 percent more effective than any of your social media profiles.

* You should pay special attention to your clients referred by a social media website. You have to be responsive, resourceful and warm while communicating with them. You must practice the standard social media courtesy to maximize the use of the social platforms as SEO and branding resource.

Roman Sahakov is the founder of Frozzo Social Media Marketing company. He is a strategist and social media expert. Frozzo team is proficient in creating social media marketing strategies such as Twitter marketing, Facebook marketing and YouTube marketing.

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