Social Media Forces the End of “Buy Now” Marketing: How to Creatively Sell Your Product Without the Pushy Sales Pitch

When Sales and Marketing teams have too much crossover (i.e. being the same person), we sometimes get into trouble with sales goals influencing marketing messaging in a gross way. To further illustrate my point, I’ll give you a quick example.

Goodbye, pushy sales approach; no more "buy now" marketing!

Goodbye, pushy sales approach; no more “buy now” marketing!

Situation: sales are down and as always, we want them up.

Manifests itself in this way: we still have product, so don’t forget to buy yours!

Well, here’s the trouble with that … nobody really likes a sales pitch. It’s situations like these where I want to encourage whoever wrote that message to take off their professional hat and put on their consumer hat.

If something feels wrong with your Marketing messaging, step outside your job and remember that you can also think like a consumer.

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You buy things, right?

What would fly with you?

What would convince you to buy the product?

Have you ever bought something after reading a “buy now” Facebook message without an attached sale or promo?

Now before I lose any of you, I should say that I think it’s totally appropriate to make it clear that as a business you sell product, that perhaps you have product available, and even to sometimes remind the audience. I’m simply recommending that it’s done in a more creative way without being so pushy.

Creatively marketing a product without the pushy sales pitch

“Buy now” Marketing isn’t just uncreative; it also has the power to repel customers. If you take anything away from this article, remember that pushy sales pitches are like body odor for your business. So, what works better than pushing the sale? Storytelling!

Take a moment to think about the life cycle of your product. Isn’t there something interesting about it?

Let’s take a theater for example. A theater wants to fill seats leading up to a show. That urgency can be really frightening, because after the show, the seats are useless. You may have deadlines and all sorts of downward pressure, but don’t give in. This is your chance to think like a creative person!

CUE THE MAGIC HAT SWITCH: *BOOM* (For all intents and purposes, you are now looking at the world as the eternal consumer that you are; not as a Marketing pro)

Why does someone follow, like, or engage with my business?

Instead of pushing the sale, the theater could share behind-the-scenes photos that pique peoples’ interest about upcoming shows, feature hired artists/actors, and focus on the impact of each show.


The sales pitch is one way to tell people there’s an upcoming show and to remind them to buy, but it acts like body odor for your business.

Creative storytelling is another way to remind people about an upcoming show and it really engages them. In fact, if they’re interested in behind-the-scenes, impact of shows, etc., they will probably follow the page closely, and even tell other people about it. By telling them a story from your business, you’re reminding them about the show automatically. That means the consumer will probably buy the seats if they’re interested – maybe even in advance, as opposed to last-minute. If that happens, you won’t be in the same hot water next time, thus ending the terrible cycle of urgency in Marketing to push sales.

If you don’t feel like there are a lot of interesting stories around your business, then maybe this isn’t the technique for you. The overarching message still applies – don’t be the smelly business on Facebook and Twitter. Say goodbye to “buy now” Marketing.

If you’re not a theater and you’re interested in getting some more ideas for Marketing your business creatively, feel free to comment with your situation below. We’re all consumers, just like you, and we’re happy to brainstorm.

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