Social Media Experts are a Dime a Dozen, True Social Marketers are a Coveted Few

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  • Great piece Zachary. There are so many who claim this title that it is overwhelming to choose one.

  • Last fall during my presentation at a BtoB marketing conference, I asked the audience if anyone knew the median annual earnings of social media experts in America. Much laughter but no answers. Maybe a dime a dozen is correct.

  • Derek says:

    This is a great topic and I’m glad someone like yourself has taken the time to open discussion around it. Speaking from the perspective of a recent graduate who is currently a digital media planner for a major pet food brand, I can say that I’ve had healthy exposure into the social media realm, both as a student and from the client’s side. However, what baffles me, is the shear amount of demand from small companies for these “gurus.” Coming out of school, I have seen countless openings for these positions but have never truly felt qualified for such a responsibility, even though Social Media had already become imbedded into my everyday life.

  • Zachary Weiner says:

    @Brian Thanks! We saw that overwhelming with web development gurus in the past too, next up on deck… mobile/tablet app developers and ITV gurus..;)

    @Derek That’s actually really refreshing to hear and is a smart move too. The sad truth is that the strict “Social Media guru” is actually going to become a dying breed once the hoopla and initial spike of over-enthusiasm finally dies down. The issue is that eventually EVERY company will have social media campaigns- Once that happens social content over-saturation will occur and a lot more intensive strategy will need to be utilized for any market share. Actually stayed tuned on here or my company’s twitter feed for the next article- it addresses that specifically. Twitter @luxuryreach

  • Zachary Weiner says:

    Sorry that meant to say @Karl for the first name mentioned!

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