Social Media “Engagement” is Not a Strategy

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  • Love the read. It helps provide context to two pieces of content our sports nutritional company executed recently. Two infographics generated from responses from questions we posed. The first asked our consumers what was in their gym bag and the second asked what their fitness goals were for the coming year.

    The first question would not provide us valuable data but the second would in the sense we could tailor a supplement stack to meet the consumers fitness goals (shred, bulk, ripped).

  • Mark great read and great advice!

    We tell clients when thinking strategically about Social Media and Online marketing the principles are the same as any other business activity. Work backwards from your goals and objectives!

    Engagement isn’t what social media is only about, not for business anyway. It’s about leveraging the network you have to meet your goals. Whether that’s research, awareness, sales and so on.

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