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  • I agree with you, I tried doing my social media marketing myself and then realized that I was spending all day on the internet ant not actually running my business so I decided to outsource. I went looking for an established company that has been in the marked for a few years at least and I found I have never looked back, their teams of conversationalists are able to market to all different demographic groups in a personal and connect with millions of people through their interests.

  • Hans

    Interesting comments. I am glad you found a good, outsourced solution and you mentioned it in your comments. Social Media takes a lot of time and it is really good to see people finding ways to make it work for their companies.


  • Brent, I appreciate the informative and interesting post. Social media marketing is becoming widely adopted, and all businesses are trying to gain the competitive edge, whether it be through advice or new marketing methods. I’m sure we can both agree that social media marketing, if used appropriately and effectively, is an extremely cost-effective method to reach and engage a large target audience. But have you ever considered incorporating digital/social media into fundamental aspects of a business? As a Marketing Director at Cisco, I have found that deploying a social/digital media marketing campaign in conjunction with conferences and events engages the user and increases participation and interest before, during and after events. Digital and social media creates an interactive community where users can discuss the latest trending topics and conferences themes. This gets the user thinking after the event and is the kind of return on investment that businesses are looking to see! Thanks for the great read, Brent, I hope to see businesses use social and digital media to the fullest potential!

  • Jennifer – You make some great points. I want to move more to an engaing, interactive community at conference and trade shows. I can see where that could have a lot of benefit. I would encourage you to join our Executive Marketing Director Linkedin Group. We need more great people like yourself who are willing to share their ideas with other marketing directors. Thanks again for your comments. Have a Great Weekend!


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