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Social Media EditorialHere is my Sunday Editorial – Some thoughts on how you can be more successful in 2012 with your social media marketing efforts.

The experts in social media are hitting the streets hard. Everyday, I have companies calling me offering me the latest tips, technology and tricks to help my company market my services online.
I have heard people tell me this year that you have to be on Pinterest, its the new way to market or you need to push your content more on twitter, Google+ or Facebook.

My professional friends, you only have so much time in a day. Most of us do not have the luxury of being online for an entire business day. If you are a small business and you are spending most of your day online, are you really making the most of your return on your investment.

Now, I need to come clean and tell you it is easy to get caught up regarding news of the latest platform, technology or “quick success tip”. Like yourself, I want to be a leader and have a knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work.

Here is some advice that will help you succeed.

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Connect with the right people! I wrote about this topic a few weeks ago. It is so critical, these people are not only the people you can learn from, but they also are important advocates for you personally and your company. I know because as a result of these connections, the work I have scheduled in the next few months looks very promising and profitable.

Read and be selective with respect to new technologies and methods and take notes! No one said you had to experience every new technology or act on every new tip. A year ago, I was constantly reading new tips and applying them and then I learned what worked and what did not work. And guess what, so did others and they stated the same findings. Be selective.

How many of you use Quora? Isn’t it the same as asking a question on Linkedin? For me Linkedin works better for getting answers. That is all the farther I need to know. Will more time invested on Quroa lead to better results? It sounds like a funny question, but often times, that is how we as marketers look at these technologies.

Test, Test and test. When you receive information on Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Pinterest, try it out. See what it can/can’t do for you. See if any of your competitors or current clients are on these platforms. The worse thing you can do is spend so much time with an elaborate plan and not know how the specific platform works. The best way to learn is to try out the platform and get an idea as to how it works, draw up a plan and continue to modify the plan to track your progress.

Maybe you start out by setting a goal for obtaining so many followers | Next, you see how successful you are at getting people to come to your site, | Next, you find a way to see correlations to sales figures and new clients.

Summary: You notice I listed people first. Getting the right key people on your team and networking with people outside of your company is the best way to be successful on Social Media Platforms. Finding these type of people really takes a lot of work because you need to have a good understanding yourself. (Connect with key people! )

Before you shell out money for that next consultant or book. Check out someone’s opinion. You might be surprised. You don’t need to work at social media by yourself. That is the great thing about this new system. You have so many options at your fingertips. (Educate yourself first!)

Be familiar with the way platforms work and do the research to determine if the people and topics being talked about on these platforms are similar to the clients and contacts you are seeking. A little testing can really help you decide what you want your overall plan to look like . (Test a little before planning)

Forget working so hard and start working smarter.

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  • Hans says:

    I agree with you, I tried doing my social media marketing myself and then realized that I was spending all day on the internet ant not actually running my business so I decided to outsource. I went looking for an established company that has been in the marked for a few years at least and I found I have never looked back, their teams of conversationalists are able to market to all different demographic groups in a personal and connect with millions of people through their interests.

  • Hans

    Interesting comments. I am glad you found a good, outsourced solution and you mentioned it in your comments. Social Media takes a lot of time and it is really good to see people finding ways to make it work for their companies.


  • Jennifer Geisler says:

    Brent, I appreciate the informative and interesting post. Social media marketing is becoming widely adopted, and all businesses are trying to gain the competitive edge, whether it be through advice or new marketing methods. I’m sure we can both agree that social media marketing, if used appropriately and effectively, is an extremely cost-effective method to reach and engage a large target audience. But have you ever considered incorporating digital/social media into fundamental aspects of a business? As a Marketing Director at Cisco, I have found that deploying a social/digital media marketing campaign in conjunction with conferences and events engages the user and increases participation and interest before, during and after events. Digital and social media creates an interactive community where users can discuss the latest trending topics and conferences themes. This gets the user thinking after the event and is the kind of return on investment that businesses are looking to see! Thanks for the great read, Brent, I hope to see businesses use social and digital media to the fullest potential!

  • Jennifer – You make some great points. I want to move more to an engaing, interactive community at conference and trade shows. I can see where that could have a lot of benefit. I would encourage you to join our Executive Marketing Director Linkedin Group. We need more great people like yourself who are willing to share their ideas with other marketing directors. Thanks again for your comments. Have a Great Weekend!


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