Social Media DIY Myths Hurting Small Businesses

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  • You are absolutely right in this article – social media does cost (in time). However, you are assuming that one person from the business is attempting to govern all social platforms, and propose a single solution of hiring out these services. Small businesses should be wary of letting an external body manage their social presence, as it is highly unlikely they can portray the full nuanced spectrum of brand persona.
    A better option would be to enlist the services of the team, and delegate accordingly (in addition to a fully-fledged social media plan with best practice guidelines). I realize this could pose a problem of governance and/or consistency, but it can be used effectively as a good compromise between one person taking full responsibility, and automating or making all social activity external.

    • Prasanna says:

      Thanks much for your thoughtful response, Grace.

      Yes, I had small businesses with a few employees in mind at the time. But I did suggest that businesses can rope in their existing staff or hire part-time workers. In fact, like you, I am very much a proponent of having employees contribute (as mentioned in my earlier post ‘5 costly mistakes small businesses cannot afford’).

      I also agree that true representation of your brand through an external entity can be difficult. We faced a similar roadblock with our clients earlier, but managed to find a solution to that to a certain extent. Another problem in using existing staff is to risk distraction from their core duties.

  • Prasanna,
    Wow! You hit each and every nail on the head. Your context explains PERFECTLY why is can not be done for $150 per month. I can hardly wait to ReBlog your article. Those of us who LOVE the work of social media are passionate about the results achieved, but we KNOW it is a lot of work for sure. Thanks for you ‘message.”


  • Kimberly says:

    Thanks for sharing Prasanna’s article, Elana. I am one of those DIY people, helping my daughter launch her new business…..with no budget whatsoever. I am learning as much as possible about social media and it is definitely time consuming. Always something new. I have also learned that I need to brand her as the healer that she is, not just a fluff and buff type competing against the chains. Along with networking, aligning with a few select chiropractors is key. Anyway, thanks for sharing your expertise!

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