Social Media & Communities: Is There a Right or Wrong Way?

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  • Drew Frey says:

    Data can drive decisions but I think that if you’re going to get into the online community space only for monetary gain, you’re getting into the space for the wrong reasons. A biproduct of a vibrant, energetic and engaging community can be an increase in sales but it’s important to realize that this shouldn’t be your primary concern.

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  • I couldn’t agree with you more Drew. Companies need to realize that people do not respond to a “sell me” approach in today’s social world.

  • Mari Smith says:

    Oooh, thank you kindly for this fun writeup!! Sharing with my peeps! ;)

    Yes, scale can be a challenge with greater numbers. Guy used to respond on Twitter quite a bit until G+ came along. hehe.

  • Both approaches have their ups and their downs. Sometimes I have had to hide or ignore Guy because he posts too often on every platform. He can become white noise. I’m guilty of this at times and in a given day might post 10 times on my FB profile. But I do respond to everything.

    Mari’s approach of building a quality relationship with her fans is much more tedious, but I think builds a better brand. The thing is though is that Guy already was a name and had a “brand” before social media came around. Mari on the other hand is like most of us and building that brand with social media. So she HAS to be interactive with her fans. Guy doesn’t.

  • Kim says:

    Thanks Mari! That is awesome!

  • Kelli says:

    My vote is for Mari’s approach.

  • Try contacting me on Google+. :-)

  • I enjoy them both and learn from them both. Perhaps a middle ground is the “right way.” You have to acknowledge though that BOTH have a large following with which to share their products/books, so the theme question remains. Right way??Wrong way??

    • Good point Teri. I guess it’s easier and harder having followings the size of Mari and Guy. I think for the size I have, Mari’s approach is a better one but not sure if that is scaleable long term.

  • Klaudia says:

    I like both approaches,Mari Smith’s approach is incredible!

  • Arron George says:

    Mari’s style sums up the way marketing is going. People do not want to be sold something. They want to be made to feel special or care about. By responding to people you can nurture and develop lasting relationships, which in turn can result in conversion.

  • Excellent way to put it Arron.

  • I just participated in a great discussion on a very similar topic the other day on Google+.   Either way, we can see that both Guy and Mari have each found a method that works for them; if it didn’t, they wouldn’t have the audience they do now.   I think what it comes down to is: -What are your objectives -What expectations have you set for your audience -How your audience will respond to your method   For me, I personally am in this arena for the engagement and interaction, but this doesn’t mean it’s the right method or only method, it’s just the one I prefer.

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