Social Media Calendar: A How To Approach

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  • Thanks for sharing your insight, Miriam! This is something I only recently began to struggle with. I was ineffectively hitting multiple targets instead of honing in on the certain areas that would help me best. I plan on sharing this post with other bloggers who struggle with the same thing!

  • These are some great strategies! From reading this, it seems like a great plan to further market your brand using any resources that you have at any given time. Always promote your content online and using social media so that many more people will see what you are trying to promote. I think that building excitement is one of the critical points in this article because without some sort of hype to promote your product, they (potential customers) won’t know what they are getting into.

  • Thanks for the insights. I’ve been having a heck of a time coordinating my family of sites to work together and I’m definitely working on a calendar now to figure it out.

  • I found an article recently and it talked about criticizing your manager on social media. I can’t find it now. Can anyone help? It was written by Campbell.

  • Great insights! I’m a starter and for this one Understanding your target audience its a good beginning to start my blogs. This is a great help for me. I appreciate for sharing this. Thanks.

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