Social Media and Shelf Life

Social Media and Shelf LifeThis topic really struck me after reading this article”Marketing Content has short shelf life on Facebook

(18 hours is the average life of an advertiser posting on Facebook)

Think about the other platforms:

  • Twitter – Pretty much real-time if you have a 1,000 or more followers
  • Google+ – Real-time if you have 1,000 or more followers (Posts)
  • Linkedin – Real-time if you have 500+ connections.

How can you make your information stick?

Best Shelf Life Approach

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Blog – Yes, blog posts are the best way to keep your information fresh for a longer period of time. If you don’t believe me, please stop reading and perform a google search for the following phrase,

getting rid of clover

I wrote two posts on this topic on the Midwest Labs Blog site and it continues to be popular.

Keep studying this Shelf Life Approach

Google+ – – Remember all information posted in Google+ is searchable and it does help you with respect to your rankings in Google

Don’t try to get Shelf Life this way

Many people post the same information everyday on Twitter, Linkedin and Google+

This is very annoying and I see more people doing it each day.

Shelf Life is gained through time and hard work

It is important to remember that posts that have great shelf life are posts that fulfill a person’s need. Great posts answer questions and serve as a resource for others. Shelf life should be a goal of every marketer and it is important to post information that has some value over time.

Think of a food product in a store… Isn’t the freshest, most natural food item only good for a short period of time…..But it is really good, people will come back to it and want more… Think of your blog site like a fresh food product that has a quality shelf life and that people want right away or in season like the “clover example” above.

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