Social Media and Outsourcing: How Significant Are They?

Social media is beyond doubt one of the most powerful tools that most businesses use today to market and create their image or brand online. Professionals, entrepreneurs, start-ups and even normal individuals benefit from it in so many ways, such as connecting to people in the same niche to share interests and acquiring potential customers to increase revenues. Yes, that’s the thing everyone in this generation knows and there’s no need to discuss more of it.

However, it is still possible that not all of the people, up to this date, know how and when social media started and as to what purpose it was really created for.  According to an article, “The History of Social Networking” by Gordon Gole, in, the vision of connected computers becoming a round-table for common thoughts and interests nearly began in the 1970s but it was just totally loved and accepted by many on the start of the 20th century. If you have an account on and, then you were part of Social Networking’s explosion in the World Wide Web. As many people welcomed it, Friendster was a part of the said breakthrough as well. Then Facebook came and so on and so forth.

People didn’t likely see its significance in the business world then, because it was meant for personal intentions only. However, as technology and businesses merged, professionals came with the idea of using its power to connect to the world, considering the number of potential customers they can acquire through it and how gigantic their exposure would be. Strategies developed, improved, implemented and effectively helped many.  The current status of is a clear example of how social media has helped a company. And, how did they do it? They outsourced.

Outsourcing has been an approach that was just accepted by some companies recently – yes, some. Because, not all companies consider this approach bearing in mind the risks involved of having somebody to handle and take control of their name online, especially when connecting with their existing and potential customers. Although there already are many known benefits of social media outsourcing, some doesn’t still want to jeopardize their company names.

Many people, especially those who are involved in start-ups and small businesses, must have probably taken the term “social media outsourcing” too literally. For instance, when a person hears it, he or she is likely to think that somebody (an outsourcing partner) will have to post updates, add friends, follow pages, comment on photos, and upload videos in behalf of his or her own company. Trust, conformity and credibility will eventually go along with their doubts as well.

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On the other hand, they must know that there are BPO companies that don’t just offer the same services they have in mind. There are a lot more social media solutions that they can outsource and can ever imagine! They don’t actually have to worry because those solutions don’t involve “somebody to take over their posting and communicating activities” all throughout social media using their company profiles.

Have you ever thought of “Topic Creation” being a social media outsourcing solution?

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  • Ric Sanchez says:

    Great discussion! I couldn’t agree more on social media, it’s still the best way to spread the news worldwide. While others are using it to market a product, services etc. social media is also a tool to hire people from different parts of the world. But this is more of just posting their resumes but the details and other processes are done on a separate site. Similar to this, you can also bid the job on a freelancing site and all you have to do is to wait for the shortlisted candidates who are qualified for the position.

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