Social Media And Content Marketing Are Already Over-Diluted And Your Current Plan Is A Dying Breed.

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Social media and content marketing are both huge. They are  more than just  buzzwords, they’ve been an entire new way to market products and services based on an old concept that has been an available and effective platform for companies of any size and with any budget. Keyword: Has Been.

Let me pose a question to those who think these will continue to carry your marketing initiatives now and in the future? Where will your company and products stand when these methods aren’t  just  new practices anymore, but an old standard? An old standard employed by every company in every creative way possible? If you are not planning for this now, you are on your way back to the bottom.

What I mean by this is that currently most companies are embracing online content marketing and thought leadership in order to push information, thoughts, entertainment and novelty  to the social masses and let them share. It’s a great strategy of course, but it has an expiration date. Yes, even the most advanced social campaigns will become obsolete without far higher integration with other forms of marketing strategy and far more intricate and changing campaign practices.  Eventually EVERY company will be publishers, content creators, thought provokers and entertainers ( As well as SEO geniuses,  video producers, App creators, etc) . So where does this leave mind share for your product? How much content and social saturation  will it take before you are simply lost in the shuffle? Probably less then you think, much sooner then you think.

The strategies that at one point in the very near past allowed small and medium sized companies to have an edge on competitors and even larger brands included; SEO, Paid Search,  Content leadership, Social Media and other forms of online word of mouth, as well as even more technologically advanced campaigns. Even groundbreaking new tech like mobile apps can be included in this thought and all  are about to become far less effective at creating and maintaining market share.  Lets examine.

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SEO: When you first started, your SEO program, having  top rankings on Google or yahoo especially for local campaigns was easy.  You were an early adapter to search and while it’s gotten more crowded, it has still been effective. This has already changed and is only going to accelerate.  Most companies today have an SEO program in place. Everybody is now competing for the keywords that once were up for grabs for anybody with a couple of hundred bucks to spend on an SEO firm. There will be more and more competition to any keyword you could ever dream up.

PPC- Same goes.  Everybody and their uncle is competing for the very same keywords that once were unique to early adaptors and were once inexpensive based on the cost per click model.  It’s been easy street for most companies for awhile as it still has  technically been a new way to market.  Gone. More and more companies will continue to compete for these terms and if you aren’t already, you will be priced out in no time.

Content and Social Media: With people “liking” hundreds of products on Facebook, following hundreds of people and brands on twitter and every company having a social campaign , how much longer do you think it will take before you are lost in the shuffle?  How many new businesses start not one, but multiple blogs and feeds every day to push content in your industry? How many of your loyal followers will be able to stay tuned to your blog posts, articles and content when they are receiving the same entertainment and information from thousands of other sources? This applies to blogs, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin YouTube and every other social site out there. More and more companies will be taking away your audiences by the day.

Advanced technologies: Right now  higher level and more cost exclusive programs that have been giving marketers an edge for their products are going to become exponentially less impactful. Let’s take branded mobile/tablet Apps for a moment. They are an unbelievable way to market to the ever growing audience of mobile users as a way for these consumers to have constant “on the go” interaction with your brand. There are more app programmers by the day however. There are also cheaper and cheaper costs to developing apps that are on par with any fortune 500 company and there is always going to be a new and better app for your consumers to download. Where will this leave you, once your app which was once a rarity in an uncrowded marketplace suddenly becomes one of out thousands?

The moral of the story is that a lot of internet technology has leveled the playing field for a lot of companies to market on a level with the big boys without the spend since so many have been on a slower internet/social learning curve. This is changing. Things have been easy for early adapters for awhile, but these days are ending.  Without major and I’m talking major changes, all of these techniques that have more than likely become the cornerstone of your entire marketing plan are going to be the same techniques that leave you in the dust. Follow the next installment of this article for some solutions to what will be the ever-growing marketing divide.

Author: Zachary Weiner- CEO LuxuryReach Inc, President Media Influence Inc.  Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook.

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