Social Media Analytics Review: Beckon

One of my favorite perks of running this website, is meeting great people and learning about new things in the online/ inbound marketing space — especially new social media analytics tools. A couple of weeks ago, I got a demo of a new tool — Beckon — that has a lot to offer. It’s price tag might be a little steep for small businesses (about $10K per data source), but I think it solves many problems enterprise businesses currently struggle with — disparate data sources, different scales on metrics, and the general mish-mash of data that’s challenging to interpret.

Social Media Analytics Review: Beckon

Making sense of data

This image clearly demonstrates the main selling point for Beckon — it takes a bunch of unruly data and orders it so analysts can interpret and develop data-driven strategies.

The state of social media analytics

I mean, face it. If you’re trying to create data-driven strategy for your inbound marketing, you’ve got a lot of stuff coming at you every day — Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Pinterest Analytics, Twitter Analytics ….. Developing data-driven insights from all this data is challenging.

It’s a mess. Right now I export all that data on a weekly basis to a Cognos (IBM) dashboard so I can show each client exactly what’s going on with their social media campaign.

The problem, of course, is I have limited ability to ANALYZE the data across platforms — I’m merely displaying it in 1 place — and adding nice visualizations so clients can see the big picture better. Beckon normalizes the data, so you’re comparing apples to apples and can make informed decisions based on the how well different social channels help you reach your goals based on paid, earned, and owned impressions.

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Beckon makes order out of this chaos and generates reports that look more like this:

Social Media Analytics Review: Beckon

Armed with these reports, I can now determine which channel helped reach goals for awareness, engagement, and conversion. By creating ratios, I now gain better insights for each channel and each campaign within each channel. I can also see which posts met my goals most effectively and do more effective testing for strategic alternatives to help optimize future campaigns.

Key ratios might be:

  • paid/ earned impressions
  • engagement/ impression
  • open/ click rate in email marketing

Where does the data come from?

Beckon uses data you already get. For instance, if you get your Google Analytics emails to you — and you should — just CC Beckon on the report.

Beckon also derives data from internal sources, like your order system, email client, etc.

One of the nicest features of Beckon is that it can handle such a wide variety of data types: png, PDF, CSV, powerpoint …

I’ll definitely add this to my list of Social Media Analytics Tools.

Need help?

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