Social Media Analytics: How’s Your Social Media Strategy Going?

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  • Some really interesting stats here – amazed at how many companies are still unsure of the value of being on specific networks.

    Shame not to see Brandwatch and Spredfast in your paid tools list, as they are both also strong tools in the market.

    But otherwise great infographic, thanks :)

    (Community Manager, Brandwatch)

  • Hi, interesting article. I would just like to add that social media monitoring however good it may be to allow business to gather information, it doesn’t really enable for the ultimate in customer satisfaction. Customers tend to want to be heard in real time and have their feedback taken care of on site. Something like what the tool called Geteco ( ) provides. real time interaction would then lead to an increase in customer positive reviews and feedback on social media.

    • Hi Ethan, i completely agree with you on what you have said that customers really want to be heard and made to be felt important. Take the hotel industry which i work in for example, i feel that taking care of guests feedbacks before they leave the premises not only gives you a chance of increased guest loyalty but also reduces the chances of having to hear negative feedback about your business on review sites, social media etc.

      By the way i have also heard about the Geteco application you mentioned and in fact coincidentally my hotel is currently under talks to implement it in the near future. Customer satisfaction should be top priority to any business :)

  • Great post.It at least brings an awareness to those who are not measuring anything. As a marketer you have to measure everything – from initial audience contact until they hit the buy me button (or not). It’s so important to measure any marketing initiative – social media or not. Again, thanks for sharing.

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