Why Social Media Is So Addictive (And Why Marketers Should Care)

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  • I agree, we need to be social in order to survive. But since that’s taken care of ever since we started existing, we now seek plenty of ways to improve the efficiency of exchanging our ideas and being accepted as part of the community. We always thirst to reach out to people, and it’s no doubt that social media has become the core of personal networking.

    • Tom Lowery says:

      Thanks for the note, Barbara. And I agree, SM has become one of the methods through which we can network. What a great tool to connect with like-minded souls all over the world. Amazing.

  • I completely agree, humans are social creatures and social media just feeds on that. Social media has become are latest way to communicate and it will grow just as other social inventions have.

  • Sid Smith says:

    For Local Business Social Media is a great way to reach out to your customers and allow them to effectively share with their friends.

    On the converse, If you are not reacting to your audiences reviews and rants. It will tarnish your reputation and image.

    Only 3% of the time a person will buy from a company with 2 or less stars on their review. It is very important to be proactive in the review space and monitor what people are saying about your product or service.

    I just completed a training video on this topic for Local Business, Check it Out!

  • Tom Lowery says:

    I agree, Sid. A bad review is little more than an opportunity to connect with the reviewer and let him and others know how much you value your customer base. I personally would thank them for taking time to share their views, address them and offer to fix the issue for them and anyone else. Thanks for the note.

  • Great post. I definitely agree with the things you said about FoMo.

  • I agree that social media is great for businesses because never before has there been a platform where businesses and customers can interact with each other from pretty much anywhere. Communication is critical for any business, and social media has been a way for everyone, business and consumer, to communicate and discuss what is best for the business and the customer.

    • Tom Lowery says:

      Well said. Social media is so much more than anyone realizes. We’re starting to learn and yes, some people us it in very silly ways (or so it appears). But what a great tool. And the internet has changed the game all over the world. Wow.

      Thanks for your insightful comment.

  • Rhonda says:

    I totally agree with all your points but mostly No. 2 Ego from my perspective as a sharer and consumer.

    As a sharer, I will think hard about what I’m about to share and what it means to my personal brand. Not the ‘would it make me look like I care about the topic?’ but whether it makes me look like someone who is in the know, in the game. It’s like being in an owners’ club.

    • Tom Lowery says:

      We all have and need egos. Egomania of course is something else. But as you say, we will often consider what it means to us when we share. I am more flexible than many as I often think not only of what it means for me, but how others might need what I might not.

      Love your thought about an owner’s club. Very good.

      Thanks for the great note.

  • I really loved this article, Tom. I think #2(EGO)especially rings true, especially for those of the millennial generation. Basic business psychology tells us that we need to understand motives, and the importance of the EGO in all marketing decisions is something that should not be ignored.

    • Tom Lowery says:

      I certainly have to agree with your about #2 and the millennial generation–it fits. We are at a point in time and media where the business of psychology and how we use it while conducting business is a game changer. For one believe those who fail to embrace this concept will eventually fade from even being in business – and that includes some very heavy hitters. Thanks for your note!

  • Jason King says:

    Excellent article Tom. I’m often asked why I specialise in Social Media and I believe that the way in which people communicate and live their daily lives have changed mainly due to technology and Social Media. As Marketers we need to enter the world the customer lives in :)

  • Ian Fox says:

    Social media hasn’t really begun yet in the sense of what it will eventually morph into. No business can afford to be without a presence on the social networking sites or the question people will ask is “why not?”

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