Social Marketing vs. Social Customer Service

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  • Hi Angela

    Nice article. I agree with your sentiment that marketing & CS teams need to work together in order to have a truly successful social media strategy. Especially given that an unanswered customer question on a brand’s Facebook page or Twitter feed is seen by far more people than in any other CS channel. Add that to the fact that brands spend a fortune building their social community and goodwill within that community it is essential that 24/7 monitoring for CS questions is undertaken. However this is no easy task when an average Facebook page has less than 5% of the content posted by fans are CS related questions.

    At Crisp Thinking we provide a unique 24/7 moderation service that not only protects a brand’s reputation by removing all unsuitable content in a very timely manner. We also categorize all of the content so that CS questions are identified in real-time and filtered directly to the relevant CS agents. This means that CS agents can spend their time answering questions or issues and not looking for them.

  • I think one of the reasons customer perceptions of service quality have actually dropped (there’s lots of research around on this) since social media, is that companies are confusing marketing and service. It’s kind of unfortunate, because the support function isn’t being done well in social media, and one of the problems is that customer service doesn’t scale — it’s essentially a one to one function, while marketing does scale. Even companies that are saying they use social for customer service often are actually marketing one to many.

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