Small Business Social Media Marketing – 6 Pitfalls to Avoid

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  • Great information- thank you for this. I’d love to be proved wrong: Social Media is not for every business. I really like what you mentioned about Strategy. What I’ve seen is that knowing your target audience may not be immediately obvious. Its important to measure and listen.

  • Thanks James, nice succinct article.

    I would also add that effective evaluation and measurement are crucial too. You should define your targets and KPIs as part of your strategy, but lack of insight into how to manage, measure and respond is often a big stumbling block.

    The social impact of your brand will benefit from being responsive to the needs of your community. You will need to be nimble, opportunistic, and up to date on current trends and that requires a strong grasp on what you’re measuring and how.

  • This is a great update. Thank you. I would also mention Online Management Reputation (ORM) because this is very important to my customer (the private practioner). The pitfall is if you do not use social media you could be tarnished with one bad review! You need a plan to overcome these negative comments. I will post your story on my Blog because I think all small business owners should read this, in and out of the healthcare market.

  • Insightful article. I especially liked the 6th and final point; that you shouldn’t give up to easily. For plenty of small business owners, social media and everything that comes with it can be very overwhelming frustrating, etc as you said. But it really is the future of marketing and business strategy, and it’s exceptionally important to push through it and come out on top.

  • Articles such as this help the small business owner community realize that internet marketing isn’t magic – it just takes a little understanding and effort! Thanks for sharing!

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