Seven Strategies to Stay Ahead of Overwhelming Social Media Change

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  • You’re right on the money with each and every one of these points! I think experience is a good indicator to help marketers weed out what’s important to their audience – and which “best practices” are really irrelevant. The “best practice” is the one that works for your particular crowd, right?? :)

    I’ll say that Twitter is my major pipeline for shifts in the industry. I’m skimming blogs every morning, too, to keep up with the latest breaking tidbits, as well. Podcasts are also gaining some ground, as I can pop one on while I’m dying (I mean – exercising) at the gym.

    Phenomenal thoughts as usual, Mark!

  • Thanks so much for this. I was just telling someone yesterday that my biggest challenge (for my own business and for my clients) is keeping up with the ever-changing social media game board and rules of engagement. Like you, I am interested in everything, but I am having to come to grips with the fact that I can spend my time engaging or “doing the stuff” that I started my business for in the first place.

    Good advice here – definitely taking something away from this one. Keep it coming!

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