Seven Social Media Trends For 2013

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  • Found this article very interesting and something that resonates with what I have been going on about and telling my clients on Strategy projects off late!

    Would love to connect with like minded people like this…

  • Nice insights on the future social media trends..what about the tablets? They are being launched at the drop of a hat with varying price points targeting a wide range of users.. Social media should address this market too. the future lies in (SoLoMoTab)

  • SoLoMo is where it’s at. More people are accepting technology into their lives and switching from their regular old mobile phones to the latest generation of smartphones. People that are constantly on the go are now using tablets so that they can take work with them whenever they want.

    Finally, social media is really taking off. More and more people are joining different social channels every day; businesses are no exception and companies are now utilizing not just social channels but the entirety of the market to achieve effective lead generation, give awesome customer experience and connect with their audience.

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