Rise to Power: Dallas Asks Viewers to Tweet Their Allegiance.

dallasGreed.  Betrayal.  Corruption.  Nothing entertains more than watching greedy Texas oil millionaires fight over who controls Southfork, and the oil that sits beneath it.  If you’ve watched Dallas, either the original or today’s version – you know each episode is packed with enough controversial behavior to make you want to root for one to succeed and the other – to die trying.

The best part – in today’s version of the show – you, the viewer, can get in on the action.

It’s called Rise to Power.  The goal: declare your allegiance online to the character you think will rise to power each week.  Come back after the show and “tweet something sinful at the command of that week’s winning character.”

What’s even better about this social engagement is each character has their own twitter account – tweeting in the voice and personality of the character on the show.

Getting ready to watch tonight’s episode – I can’t help but think how this is a great example of how to create a roadmap to to a social engagement campaign for your own business.

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This social engagement does the following:

  1. It asks the viewer (customer or a potential customer) what THEY think.
  2. It engages you into the show beyond the 1-hour weekly episode.
  3. The tweets from the characters are of the persona of the character.

The key to the game is…you need to watch the show to guess who will win this week.  That means you must stay engaged and you need to keep watching the show.  This increase in engagement means more viewers and more viewers means more advertising money. Which in-turn allows TNT to sell expensive advertising on Monday nights.  You’re happy and the network is happy. Win-win. (You’re welcome!)

Ok, so you aren’t TNT and don’t have the  resources to attract viewers (customers) to participate and engage like Dallas – however, you can still take some steps of your own.   So how do you generate interest via social media via a contest or a game?

  1. Be sure to ask people what they think.  As I’ve said before – no one likes a one-sided conversation.  So be sure to ask them questions – what did they think?  How did they find it?   Don’t be afraid to present something that might be a tad controversial, but not too controversial that it detracts from what you’re trying to achieve.
  2. What will make people coming back to your site?  Is there a clue in a blog?  Or an icon on your website?  Or a post that gives a clue or instructions for what happens next?  Something that happens same time every week so your followers know when to look.  Then ask people to go to your social media accounts and vote, comment, or fulfill the game or contest.  This is basically your version of the Monday night time slot. Twitter chats.
  3. Know your voice.  Every marketing strategy should include a voice.  A persona.  Think Flo from Progressive and Mayhem from Allstate.  Ok – maybe you don’t need an actual person – but you want to write, communicate, and market in the same voice.  People need to recognize it, relate to it, and engage with it.  So be sure you have one clear, consistent voice. Or at least a consistent cast of characters.

To generate interest via social media– you don’t necessarily need a contest or a game.  But these 3 easy steps can help you manage your social media – and rise to power.

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