Review of SocialBro: Twitter Managing & Analyzing Application for Desktop & Google Chrome

SocialBro allows you to manage and analyze your Twitter Community and “Break down the barriers between you and your followers”. According to their website they are “trusted” by Google, McDonald’s, Playstation and Paramount among other names (would guess that this means they use the application).

According to SocialBro’s blog, it looks like they released their first application around the beginning of April of 2011. SocialBro is currently sitting on 270 Facebook Likes, 35,916 Twitter Followers, 207 people with them in their Google+ circles and no Linkedin group from what I can find (stats as of 1/4/2011 at 7:30 pm EST). Below is their website traffic data according to Compete:

SocialBro currently has an app available in Google Chrome’s web store along with a desktop version available for download off of their website. Some of the highlighted features they outline on their website include keeping your Twitter community in a local database which can come in handy if ever needing to backup your contacts, tools to manage your Twitter lists, geographic features and a number of other pretty interesting features. View a complete list of their features here –

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I am currently using the Google Chrome app (free to download).

Right off the bat, I was impressed with their Chrome app and its interface. Upon completing account creation and connecting to your Twitter account, you are brought to a screen that looks something like the following:


This is your “filters” area. Here, you can filter your Twitter followers and those you follow by time zone, language, whether or not their profile is public or private and a number of other custom filters. This is a pretty unique feature and can come in handy when trying to reach out to a certain types of users personally (especially if you follow a lot of people).

After changing the followers/friends ratio option, I am presented with individuals I am following that are followed by more than they follow:

From here, you have the ability to unfollow profiles, add selected users to lists, add tags to profiles and export profiles.

Other Cool Dashboard Features

Some of the other tools / features available on the Chrome app dashboard that I feel are beneficial in one way or another are the new followers column and the recent unfollows column. If you are in to closely monitoring your Twitter community and staying interactive, these 2 features offer an easy way to communicate with new followers and to reach out to those that have unfollowed you. In addition to these features, you can easily monitor “very active friends”, “influential followers”, “inactive friends” and followers that are considered “newbies”. I can see each of these dashboard elements serving a number of marketing / community outreach opportunities.

Feature I Wasn’t Too Impressed With

Under their “tools” menu, SocialBro allows you to “discover Twitter users” but I was surprised to see that they based these results solely on the number of followers someone has (you can apply further filtering but it didn’t seem to match me with any relevant Twitter users I should follow).


Up until and after reviewing SocialBro, I have been and am still all about TweetDeck for monitoring my Twitter accounts. While I can’t say that SocialBro will be TweetDeck’s replacement for me, I can certainly see it complimenting it with some of the more unique features. I do love SocialBro’s dashboard and the different dashboard items all in one place. I feel this can be a real time saver in the long run.

To see more about SocialBro’s Twitter management / monitoring application, check out their video:

Socialbro – Explore your Community from Socialbro Explore your community on Vimeo.

All in all I would recommend for you to go mess around with the Chrome app or desktop application for yourself. What applications or websites do you use to monitor your Twitter and other social media accounts?

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