Reduce Your Social Media Stress: 6 Ways to Keep Order Online

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  • Nice article. I would add that you cannot forget to be timely and current, grasp opportunities for “unexpected content”. I believe that if you organize your social media calendar and your time, as mentioned by Erin in this article, you may be more easily open to perceive content opportunities. Thank you for the great tips, Erin!

  • Thank you for your feedback Martha! I think that getting organized and being on top of your content allows us the flexibility to be timely and current. Glad you enjoyed it.

  • I agree, also have experience these before, working with high pressure make my self dull and worry of my social media doings. Since I build a concerned on me, I invent a strategy like on Erin’s article did. Now it’s something that I made a discipline on my self and it’s a best result for me.

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