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Real-Time Social Fan Data–Here at Last?

Real Time Social Fan Data  Here at Last? image offerpop logo socialmarketingfellaA company well known for delivering an easy-to-use, self-service social marketing platform enabling marketers to create campaigns on Facebook and Twitter in minutes, now promises to deliver social data just as quickly. Social marketing software company, OfferPop announced its new Integrated Social Marketing (ISM) platform that, for the first time, allows marketers to unlock real-time, actionable social data, and use it to drive marketing efforts across all channels.

“The ISM platform unlocks the power of social data, providing marketers with an actionable, real-time view of who their fans are and what they’re interested in,” said Mark Cooper, Co-founder and CMO of Offerpop. “Marketers can use this data to run highly targeted, multi-channel programs that increase engagement, customer conversions, and ROI.”

This new real-time social fan view “pops” once, twice, and a third time.

Pop #1 – Knowing the who, what and when of your social fans 

Real Time Social Fan Data  Here at Last? image Who what when socialmarketingfella2 600x293

Pop #2 – Knowing what they like to talk about

Real Time Social Fan Data  Here at Last? image Most Least Talking about socialmarketingfella

 Pop #3 – So you can give ‘em what they want, from what you now know

Real Time Social Fan Data  Here at Last? image sam deals socialmarketingfella

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