Print Journalism’s Survival In the Social Media Age

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  • Quality Content, like Information, is both currency and power. But, having the absolutely greatest Content means little if nobody knows about it, decides to view it, and most importantly, pay for the privilege. Newspapers are faced with the wrong choices because they are too scared to take risk(s). There is an answer.

  • More and more of us rely on social media for our news whether it be the website of the newspapers, twitter, facebook, blogs, etc. Some publishers were quick to embrace social media and they embraced it well and are thriving. Many others have been slow on the uptake for whatever reason; whether it be lack of overall staff; lack of social media savvy staff; or simply antiquated corporate policies preventing online best practices. For examples, our local newspaper has improved over the last year or so but they are nowhere near as engaging with their followers than other media outlets in this area. That is what’s hurting them the most. You just need to compare the interactions on some of the local broadcast media Facebook pages and the numerous on air talent pages with that of the local newspaper’s Facebook page. There is no comparison. We are drawn to social interaction which is the primary component of social media. The social interaction is not there – at least on Facebook. That is the one risk newspaper publishers need to take – allow their staff to engage directly with the readership. Newspapers can no longer hide behind the written word and expect those words to speak volumes.

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