Organizing Your Social Media Marketing

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  • Very Interesting post!Thanks for sharing the great info…

    But social media marketing is not minimal to the use of desktop and laptops. Obviously, numerous companies have tapped into the possibilities of mobile phones as a selling platform.

    The primary objective of social media marketing is to reach its targeted market, and this has been made potential due to of the most customized and modified way of current social networking sites.

    People can select to get adverts and news from products and services that they like, allowing the company to spread information to the people who actually do want to avail of what they offer.

    A complete integrated social media strategy is a entirely built-in communications system which amplifies the results of each function within an business by using the power of human communities through social networking websites.


  • Excellent advice. I feel so overwhelmed by all the channels sometimes. A plan would help help me focus and make sure I’m not overdoing certain places while ignoring others. Do you have any type of form you recommend for keeping track?

    • Good question Jennette – I’m in the process of developing one that keeps this simple. I’ve seen a few others and they are much too complicated. Just focus on the activities that are important: content creation, sharing and engagement, and conversion activities. That’s the simple model of my book, and it’s detailed in the 1st chapter of my book that you can download for free at my website. Keep it simple. :)

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