Once Upon a Time With Klout….The Final Chapters

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  • Wow, Klout has become the anti-Christ, like the 1% of the OSW. Sorry, I like your stuff and that of many others that apparently have made Klout their crusade but I just don’t get why Klout needs to be stoned to death. Call me stupid I suppose. I find Klout interesting, and I pay attention to it perhaps a couple of times a week. I read this article because it was you, but truly I’d prefer to read an article on how Klout can be useful and some positive tips.

    Walter @adamson

    • I agree with you, Walter. Klout has its issues, but it’s hard to find a perfect tool. I think Klout offers some great opportunity to businesses, and I would love to see more positive tips as well.

  • Walter Hi,

    thank you for your comments. I would prefer to give you some tips on how to use Klout, but unfortunately there is non. Klout is a nonsense. Period. In fact there is only one, Klout is perfect for someone who is interesting in popularity vs. influence. It’s clear Klout doesn’t measure influence at all. They fail to show the proof that what they measure is online influence. Influence is ability to change people believes and not to create action.

    In 4 years of their existence Klout did not provide public with any study or white paper in which they would show us any benefits of using Klout.

    They only benefit in Klout model is Klout. Even coming to perks all what they will show you is impressions that were generated during the perk program, but they fail to show an ROI on perks.

    Topics are partial keywords that you are using in your tweets, keywords are used in advertising as tool for targeting audience. Klout is doing just the same with their topic, this is the reason why so many people complain that their topics are nonsens.

    +K is clearly popularity contest nothing more. It’s in unclear if +K impact your score or not. You can check out Joe’s interview in which he is saying that +K will impact your score http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wk4FPm4ap1c and a video in which Megan Berry talks that +K has no impact on your score. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4-GqT60vXFY

    Hope this few points above will give you a bit of understanding why so many people including myself are questioning Klout credibility.

    Thank you

  • Hi Jure,

    I just wanted to correct some misinformation from your write-up on Wahooly. We are only a Perk program on Klout. Since Klout is the standard for measuring influence, and we are recruiting influencers, it seemed a natural fit.

    As far as disclosure is concerned, we have solved this issue by using cmp.ly for every startup featured on Wahooly. We take disclosure and transparency very serious. our startups know before that sign on with us that our influencers are free to speak about that company, good or bad. Both kinds of feedback are immensely beneficial to a startup.

    I would be happy to answer any other questions that you have regarding Wahooly – I’m at tony at Wahooly dot com.



  • I agree with this article. This is more fact than opinion.

    The Social side of Social Media is becoming exploited by apps like this. The measurement of your Social Media is true relationships built and maintained over time. Using a third party tool ‘validate’ those relationships by way of a score is a joke.

    Klout has potential but their motives are becoming more evident and I really don’t think most people are taking them seriously anymore.

    Good job Jure :-)

  • Great post – Klout is a joke. Speaking of, did you hear that at the Presidential debate the moderator asked Rick Santorum, “What if your son came-out and told you that he had a low Klout score?” Santorum replid,”I’d love him as much as I did before the second before, but I wouldn’t follow him”

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