New York Times Deepens Its Social Media Commitment

NYTSocialMediaIn a recent keynote speech, The New York Times social media editor, Liz Heron, cited numerous initiatives the newspaper is undertaking to buttress its continuing commitment to social media. As The New York Times is certainly on the forefront of regular content creation, it’s useful to consider the use of The Time‘s social media tactics for your own brand or business.

Crowdsourced Fact Checking

During recent political debates and the State of the Union address, The Times encouraged the use of the #asknyt hashtag by their readers to tag statements they would like reviewed or fact-checked. Although fact-checking may not be relevant to your customers or future customers, imagine creating a hashtag that inspires the selection of a new color for your product or a new city or region in which your product is available. Creating this sort or crowdsourced brand curation will help build social media equity.

Hashtags As Science

How are you using hashtags for your brand? When running the recent iEconomy series, The Times intentionally chose a name for the series that was simple, catchy and would be a good hashtag. Similarly, don’t underestimate the power of catchy hashtags for your webinars or even press releases. An easily remembered hashtag today may turn into a trending topic tomorrow.

Facebook – Not for Fun Anymore

With Facebook approaching a billion users, it’s safe to say it serves a wide demographic. The Times encourages users to turn on the Facebook Subscribe feature to share selected updates with a wider audience. Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn – are you and your employees connecting with your desired market? Or are you still having the personal vs. professional debate?

Ultimately, you need to decide if (and how) to optimize your corporate social media equity and how your employees can do the same. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, but it’s useful to take some cues from the big boys and the old gray lady.

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