New Study: Social Media Drives $5 Million in Sales

One of the most-debated social media issues for businesses is whether social media marketing is worth the cost. The cost, of course, includes time, effort, and content creation. Some argued (as recently as yesterday) that businesses cannot demonstrate a positive return on investment (ROI) in social media marketing, while others have argued that there is a positive ROI, but we have not figured out how to measure it. A new study claims that social media drives five million dollars in sales.

AddShoppers recently analyzed the impact of social media marketing and sharing on eCommerce transactions amounting to $5 million. The study revealed that social sharing does indeed drive sales. In fact, the average person who shares on social media platforms has a share value of $2.04.

The most surprising data for many people is the distribution of share value by platform. Many have been surprised to learn email, not Facebook, earns the highest share value. Actually, one need recall only that email is uniquely a one-to-one communication to understand why it drives higher sales.

Spend some time reviewing the infographic created by AddShoppers to unpack the details of the data. You might be surprised, or you might find your experience confirmed by this research.

If you have been unconvinced of the ability of social media marketing and social sharing actually to drive sales, you might find the proof you need in this infographic. If you are a marketing professional trying to convince the C-Suite that social media should not be ignored, this data might make your case. Beyond the most obvious value of this data, it is important to note that the second-highest average share value of social media platforms is Google+ (value of $10.78 compared to Facebook’s $2.35).

Prepare to be surprised. Then put the information to good use….

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  • I enjoyed the article and want to share it, but I’m confused by the statement, “the second-highest average share value of social media platforms is Google+ (value of $10.78 compared to Facebook’s $2.35). Doesn’t that make Facebook the second-highest average share value? Or are the numbers reversed? Thanks!

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