Nestle’s ‘We Will Find You’ Campaign: The Future of Social Media?

Don’t Look Now, There’s a GPS Tracker in Your Kit-Kat Bar! In what Rebecca Boyle at POPSCI calls “a 21st-century version of Willy Wonka’s Golden Ticket,” Nestle has put a GPS-tracker in select Kit-Kat candy bars in the U.K. as part of their “We Will Find You” (gulp) promotion. When the wrappers of those candy bars are opened, the GPS device will turn on, notifying Nestle. The company will then send out a “prize team” to locate the customer and give her a check for £10,000 (about $16,000 U.S.).
Kit Kat Campaign

Based on the advertisement Nestle has been running with the campaign, it is apparent that the company understands the potential for ‘big brother’ undertones in this kind of campaign. The difference of course being that in this scenario people are happy to be found and get their reward.

POPSCI notes that while Nestle may be the first company to do this with candy, they’re not the first company to use GPS to track down their customers: “Unilever added a GPS device to a box of laundry soap it sells in Brazil, and stalked 50 shoppers to their front doors to give them prizes.” Time will tell if the campaign has Kit-Kat consumers singing “Give Me a Break.”

It’s an interesting way to approach a campaign, specifically a social media campaign, bringing the interaction to the user as opposed to relying on the user to contact the company. This may be a sign of what is to come with social marketing campaigns, connecting with the user not only in genuine conversations on social networks but translating that virtual engagement into real life interactions. There are a few questions that come up when using this kind of technology: is integrating this technology going to make it easier for users to cheat, how comfortable are customers with gps tracking, etc.? Nevertheless, it is exciting to see a large company take risks and put their energy behind a multichannel campaign that is essentially focused on the customer. Furthermore customers seem to be supportive of the campaign which isn’t entirely surprising – $16,000 and a candy bar sounds like a great day.

Sources: Popsci

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