Monitoring The Blogosphere For Brand Mentions

One of the biggest pain points I hear from marketers and PR pros who do blogger outreach is that often bloggers don’t respond to their pitch but sill mention the brand being pitched. Thus, mentions go unnoticed for months, sometimes forever.

In order to be able to report all the results and look like a blogger outreach bad ass, you need to become a “peeping Tom of the blogosphere.”

Lurking around the blogosphere will not only uncover brand mentions but you can also find bloggers who write actively in your brand’s niche.

Monitoring Tools

Here are some paid for tools as well as free tools that you can check out to find brand mentions.

Trackur: Trackur is a popular and reliable tool to find brand mentions across social media channels and has a variety of plans.

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GroupHigh: With the new release of version 4 of GroupHigh, users can now monitor the entire blogosphere for brand mentions or niche keywords.

Google Alerts: Google Alerts should pick up on all the mainstream blogs and articles that mention your brand. Sidebar, it’s a great idea to set them for competing brands too! I love Google alerts because once they are set, you can count on them to show up in your inbox every day.

Speaking of Google, Google Alerts isn’t the only Google tracking tool; you can use their blog search to look for mentions in blog posts about your brand by putting in your keywords.

IceRocket: IceRocket is a free search engine that brings up blog posts, Twitter and Facebook mentions of your brand. It’s pretty fun!

Talkwalker: You can sign up for emailed alerts whenever Talkwalker uncovers a mention of your brand. I heard a rumor that Google Alerts might cease to exist which prompted me to check out Talkwalker. My experience is that they do a mediocre job.

Old Fashioned Internet Search: Let’s not forget that we can prowl the web without a tool. Simply searching for the name of your brand can uncover some mentions or reviews you never knew you had.

Monitoring to Uncover New Relationships

By looking for brand relevant keywords and not just brand mentions, you can also monitor the blogosphere to uncover new mid-level influencers to establish relationships with.

For example, a vegetarian foods brand should monitor the blogosphere for mentions of “vegan” or “vegetarian” so that they can uncover bloggers who write actively on the topic.

Since my company has a blogger outreach tool loved by PR professionals and marketers, I monitor the blogosphere for the keywords “blogger outreach” and “influencer marketing.” I have uncovered some awesome relationships this way.

Go Get Your Lurk On

Now that you can explore some tools to help you peep around the blogosphere, it’s time to go “get your lurk on” and find mentions of your brand and uncover new relationships.

How do you monitor the blogosphere? Cheers to a good discussion in the comments section!

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