Michael Kors Shows Poise and Sophistication on Social Media

Period Analyzed: Sep 2013

You might have seen him as a judge on Project Runway with some very quote worthy comments, come across his store while walking in 5th Ave New York or must have seen his pictures on the Internet attending a fashion event in one of the fashion capitals around the world. One thing’s for sure: you can’t miss him; Michael Kors is one of the leading designers in the United States, known to be the King of woman’s sport ware and has also designed the black dress that Michelle Obama wore in her first term official portrait.

At Unmetric we are all ways on the lookout for interesting things brands across the world are doing in order to analyze what’s working for them, what isn’t and importantly, why? Michael Kors’ social media presence, like their fashion style, is distinguished and hence came up on our radar for their efforts across platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube & Pinterest. It’s no easy task to perform consistently well across so many platforms so let’s see how they are doing it.



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Luxury fashion brands usually have an edge on social media, since fans love to be associated with brands as it enables them to use the values of the luxury brand to project an image of taste and sophistication for themselves. It’s also a great way to keep up with the latest trends in the world of fashion, but what Michael Kors experienced during the month of September is considered quite extraordinary. The brand had a growth rate of close to 40% and added approximately 2,500,000 fans in just one month. No word of a lie, my jaw dropped and I had to double check the data with the engineering team. Usually only brands with a small fan base experience huge bouts of growth like this in terms of percentages, but amongst brands with an existing large fan base, this is quite the unicorn situation. Louis Vuitton, a well-established brand in the same category added around 300,000 fans in the same period which gives some context to Michael Kors extreme growth story.

Diving a bit deeper into the fan demographic, out of the 9.5 million fans only around 35% are from the United States, the other two countries that hold a majority are Brazil and Mexico which hold 13 and 10 % respectively.


What’s a fashion brand on Facebook without any pictures? The Michael Kors page posts only pictures and gets straight to the point. You won’t find questions or other engagement oriented posts designed to elicit a Like out of fans out of its 95% female fanbase. Nearly all the 38 admin posts in the period analyzed were pictures of items from their latest collection. The average engagement score the brand received was 453 for the month of the September, which is well over the sector average of 110.

(Note: the Engagement Score is calculated based on the number of Likes, Comments, Shares and Estimated Impressions that each post receives. The engagement score helps in ranking a post according to how well it resonated.)

MK most engaging post

The picture posted above was the most engaging post for Michael Kors for the month of September. Given that 95% of Michael Kors’ fans are women, I’ll leave it to the readers to decide why it took a picture of a handbag to become the most engaging post! The post received an engagement score of 1,568, which is around 15 times higher than the sector average.



Twitter content

Taking a look at the content strategy, the tweets which simply contain text have engaged the best since the content is directly visible to the person viewing it. An example of atext only tweet by the Michael Kors handle is usually a tip on fashion or a Michael Kors quote. There isn’t an excessive use of hashtags on the Michael Kors feed, which probably makes sense since it’s used only where necessary.



Michael Kors tweeted 180 times for the month of September, these 180 tweets comprised of 160 proactive tweets, 3 re-tweets and 17 replies. All this effort resulted in 13,790 re-tweets, 8,171 favorites and 2,146 replies. In the case of Marc Jacobs, a brand in the same category which tweeted 289 times , (253 proactive tweets 23 replies and 13 re-tweets) and resulted in only 5,933 re-tweets, 3,874 favorites and 615 replies. This data point gives credence to the fact that tweeting more doesn’t necessarily reciprocate in more engagement. Brands have to find the sweet and understand what the followers enjoy.


The video posted above which restored my faith in humanity and caused couple of the women in the office to say “aww” in sync received close to 1.7 million views till date and it’s easy to understand why. Lennon and Maisy, YouTube sensations and mini-celebrities, couldn’t make it to an event held by Mr. Michael Kors and replied in the form of a video. It was a good move by the admin of the Michael Kors YouTube account to share this video in their channel. The Michael Kors channel has received close to 3.8 million views from all their videos which means, 45% of the views received by this channel came from this one video. The rest of the videos uploaded are promotional videos introducing their new collections and videos on the “Watch Hunger Stop” campaign

The growth rate of the YouTube subscribers for the Micahel Kors channel is around 7.6% and is lower than Ralph Lauren a brand in the same sector which saw a growth rate of 11.7%. This is an area for improvement for Micahel Kors.



Pinterest is the perfect medium for luxury fashion brands as it’s the best place to share visually appealing content. Michael Kors on Pinterest saw a growth rate of 7.1% for the month of September. 7.1% is considered good for brands which aren’t in the fashion, food and beverage or e-commerce sector. Given the performance on other social networks, I would have expected a higher growth rate is from a brand like Michael Kors.


Comparing the stats from the 2 brands posted above. We can see that Michael Kors has uploaded only 14 boards and yet has received so much attention and has attained a rather large fan following. Perhaps Michael Kors can leverage the platform and increase the follower base by uploading more boards.

The world of social media can be quite tricky and Michael Kors has come out of it as a pioneer with poise. The “Watch Hunger Stop” campaign didn’t go unnoticed, it is not common for luxury brands to promote CSR activities and Michael Kors has promoted the “Watch Hunger Stop” across few of the platforms they are present on and their website. Michael Kors stands for a lot more than just fashion, his fashion philosophy is that fashion is for everyone regardless of their size. Both the philosophy and their social media performance are admirable and this something many brands can learn from.


Unmetric compiled the report by sourcing data from its own social media benchmarking platform. The Engagement Score is calculated based on the number of Likes, Comments, Shares and Estimated Impressions that each post receives. Data and Insights on Michael Kors activities on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Pinterest were analyzed for the month of September, 2013.

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