Market a Trade Show Like a Seasoned Professional Using 7 Social Sites

If you’re marketing a trade show, social media sites allow you to reach people who would likely never hear your ads on TV, radio and other traditional medium. Not only is social media virtually unlimited when it comes to reaching the masses, this form of advertising is considerably cheaper than other forms of commercials. Here’s how to get the most media bang for your trade show marketing buck.

Before the Trade Show

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Of course, all of these social media sites are useful before, during and after the event, but here’s where to put the maximum effort at each step along the way.

1. Set Up a Facebook Events Page

Over half the teenagers and adults in the U.S. have Facebook accounts. It’s free to set up an events page on Facebook where everyone who “Likes” your page receives regular updates from you.

2. Send Out TwtVites

Like event invitations on Facebook, TwtVites are a powerful way to build interest in the event. Host retweet contests to add new followers and generate more buzz around the event.

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During the Trade Show

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You’ll want the marketing efforts during your event to create the most excitement possible. Take lots of high quality photos and videos of people learning, meeting and greeting and enjoying themselves at the event. These photos and videos will serve your marketing purposes for the next year.

3. Blog About the Events

Be sure you’re blogging about the trade show happenings and including lots of pictures and videos of the guest speakers, the most exciting booths and other points of interest. Post links to your blog posts on all your social media accounts.

4. Create a Location Check In on Foursquare

Make sure you’re set up as a Foursquare and Facebook check in location so attendees can find each other, network and get the word out to their other friends who might be interested in coming by.

After the Trade Show

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Your success this year is what you’ll use to build on for next year. This means creating a memorable photo, video and audio account of the event. Today’s consumer is visual and wants engaging marketing.

5. Post Photos on Pinterest

Anyone who attended this year’s event will want to see the photos on Pinterest, but this is also a great venue to let people who didn’t attend the event know what they missed.

6. Post Interesting Videos on YouTube

Use notable guest speakers, interesting demonstrations, thrilling new products and other visually appealing segments of the trade show and post them as YouTube videos. Be sure to post links to these videos on your blog and other social media outlets.

7. Use Google+ to Involve People Who Couldn’t Attend

One of the best ways to rank highly on search engine results is through your Google+ account. Add new articles and content through the year, reminding people what a great show this year was and building excitement about all the new offerings next year.

After implementing these strategies before, during and after your trade show, you’ve not just maximized this year’s success – you’ve built a solid platform for even greater success the next year. Before long, your trade show will be the talk of the industry all year long.

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