Log into Digg with Facebook… Without Letting Digg Auto-Post Crap!

Stop The “Social Reader” Insanity!

I strongly believe that auto-posting access should remain user controlled (and decided)…

So Digg’s recent move to not only require a Facebook login but to integrate their social reader into the permissions settings irks me. Many site readers are actively pushing back against the new Facebook Social Readers!

Fortunately, there’s a way to log into Digg with Facebook while keeping it on a very short leash!

How To Sign Into Digg with Facebook (While Controlling The Permissions)

Steps to sign into Digg with Limited Facebook authorization:

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1. Click Sign In… and then “Sign in with Facebook” (Your only option…)

2. Set auto-posting visibility to a setting of your choice. As I don’t want it spamming my profile friends, I selected “Only Me” in the dropdown. Click “Login With Facebook”

3. On the additional permissions page, click the “X” and remove the permission for it to write to your wall. Then click the “Skip” button.

4. Now that you have Digg on a short leash, in the upper right hand corner, in the drop-down menu, select “Settings” and adjust your email address to a preferred email address for communications from Digg.

Decide that you need to adjust Digg’s permissions or remove it altogether?

You will find it under the tiny drop-down in your upper right corner… then click on “Account Settings” and then, on the left, click on “Apps”

Once you’re in Account Settings -> Apps, locate “Digg” in your list of apps in the center column.

Now, to the right, you will see an “X” which will give you a “Remove Digg?” dialog.

Alternatively, you will see an edit which allows you to adjust the publishing permissions and notifications from this app.


Digg’s recent minimalistic redesign has a lot of changes including the mandatory Facebook login system. Even after carefully blocking their social reading app functionality… I find myself really annoyed that my old profile is not attached to my new one. Even though it’s possible to request access to your old Digg data, it’s just a layer of headache I wish were not involved.

It really begs the question of whether they’ve finally killed Digg.

Have you checked out the new Digg format yet? Do you use Digg?

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