Line – The Social Network That Will Topple Facebook?

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  • George HW Barff says:

    it’s owned by Naver, which is a south Korean brand.

  • Joel says:

    Hi George
    That’s right, although technically it was created and is owned by NHN Japan who are the Japanese arm of Naver. Have you given it a go?

  • David says:

    Has anyone tried setting up a business account? My company has tried contacting their “Partner” support but have yet to hear back from anyone (now been several days)? Any feedback here would be greatly appreciated.

  • Joel says:

    Hi David
    No, I have not tried but I guess that they are just behind on things as they are going through such rapid growth. This is the page where you can apply – – unfortunately it is in Japanese so you may need some help or at least use your browser translate functionality if using Chrome and you should be able to navigate through.
    If that is what you have done already then I suggest called NHN Cop’s head office in Tokyo and asking to speak to someone over the phone.

    • David says:

      Thank you for looking into that for me, Joel. Looks like LINE isn’t the best fit for my company at this point. Maybe as there business matures I’ll reconsider. Thanks again for your assistance — mighty kind of you.

  • Joel says:

    You are welcome David.

  • james says:

    Yeah, it is a Korean company.

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