Like, Tweet, and Add: Social Media Marketing Tips for Multi-Tiered Campaigns

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  • You are so right when you said, “A highly multi-tiered campaign can be hard to manage. You have offered great tips and advice. An additional resource that I have been using is a book called, ” Leverage Social Networks to Drive Business Results” by author Lisa Anderson. This a non-fiction e-book for business executives on how to best leverage social media networks and build relationships. This book is helping me to leverage social networks to design the optimal product as well as to figure out how to source product and thinks of leveraging social networks.

  • I think it’s interesting that you spent so much time pointing out the differences between the various platforms, then recommended posting the same exact content to all of them. Those two ideas are completely at odds with each other. Because of the differences that exist between networks, different people follow different outlets, and those who follow both are looking for unique content from each (otherwise, what’s the point?). Content should play to the platform’s strengths, and as you’ve pointed out, Facebook’s strengths are not Twitter’s, etc.

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