Keeping Social Media Marketing Loose & Fun, While Staying on Top of Your Business Game

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  • Pretty handy for beginners this, but the best option is just to fling yourself into it with gusto and enjoyment, I think. You’ll have it sorted within a few weeks, even if all the latest crazes (like SnapChat) seem a bit overwhelming.

  • Nice article, You have covered many points but I would agree on the point that you know to do is the half battle. I have seen companies thinking social is all about sharing product receiving likes etc. But when I ask plan they says – Traffic,
    Traffic is not the only thing I believe. Social media much more than that.

  • Arun Singh says:

    Thanks Alexander for the great post. People have usually in mind that fun is incompatible with competence. Let’s smile a little in business – Work hard, play hard – isn’t a better saying?

  • I think you covered a lot of the basics of social media marketing in this post. I think that all different types of companies should be implementing a social media marketing strategy because it is very important to get your name out there on all of the ever growing social media outlets. A lot of companies have greatly benefited from social media marketing by posting some engaging content on their Facebook and Twitter pages for everyone to see and to share with others. No matter what type of business you have, social media marketing is important.

  • Joel says:

    Thanks Alexander for the great post.

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