Is The Social Media ROI Worth It?

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  • Raja Sinha says:

    IMO if businesses haven’t understand public relations, communications or the tenure of a full marketing agenda in terms of ROI, they should spend time learning those first.. then the bigger picture clarifies what kind of ROI they can expect and when..

  • Some nice numbers there to think about in your article. I would love to see some stats on how much time “social media” marketers and employees waste reading updates while doing their word. As much as social media can be an effective means of advertising, it usually isn’t done right and sucks up more time and money than it is worth.

    • Mitz says:

      Yes you are right there Zac. It really does suck up time and I bet people get stuck browsing at other irrelevant stuff when they are meant to be working. I know I do not like going near Facebook too much as I start to flick through all the updates people post. An hour goes by and then I realize what I am actually there for. :)

  • This is a compelling article. As the Marketing Director at Amplifinity, I do most of our social media “marketing.” I think you’ve left out a few considerations. Note that I don’t have a suggestion as to how they may fit into your calculations, but I offer them for your consideration.

    1) The number of hours it takes to monitor, nurture and move a prospect from engagement to acquisition. This doesn’t happen organically in my experience. It’s more than just putting out an offer. There’s follow-up, more promotion, and running numbers at each point.

    2) Spend on customer acquisition through more traditional channels (is there a savings when acquired via social “asks”?).

    3) Up-front time put into creating the promotion, working out the fulfillment details, and tracking engagement, shares and overall strategy from conception to completion.


  • Jacques says:

    My clients are busy professionals. They have no time to subscribe and then just idly browse through all that information (blogs, Twits, Facebook comments, Pinterest…). When they need information, they search for it. Period.
    We were forced to conclude the ONLY purpose of social media is NOT the actual people that consume its content, but rather to obtain a higher Google ranking for the real clients that do the pointed research when they actually need our products and services.
    What a major waste of resources this all is!

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