Is Social Media Killing Brands?

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  • Thanks for pulling apart this silly methodology. Even if there is any credibility to such research, it’s brands that kill brands, not social media. So tired of people blaming social media for business problems.

  • Lets not miss the crucial point – both of the original study; and the review here. It isn’t just business – it’s people (aka Social media marketeers) can kill brands by overt commercialisation of a medium that exists to be social – not commercial. And that should deter those those who advocate using Social Media for business purposes from much of the wilder hype.

  • It doesn’t seem like the findings for that study prove that social media is killing brands. Rather it may raise doubts that people use social media as their primary source for brands and products, but that doesn’t mean brands aren’t benefiting from social media.

  • social media killing brands? it may be true to a certain degree (also including the fact that social media is afterall run by people) i believe that are a lot more serious factors (product, competition, etc) that kill brands…if u ask me social media a brand killer??….ummm m still not too sure about tht.

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